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ok well ive decided to create a new blog.
better template. more updated. less depressing. lol

im also going to use it to not only talk about my anorexia/bulimia although that will be the MAIN point. i will also talk about other things going on in my life, hopefully so people can get to know me more.

the link is

please folllow :)


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

sorry for deleting the comment. i went to your new blog and b/c of the layout i couldnt find how to follow or comment you so i was asking you how. but then went i went back just now it was a different layout lol.

Anonymous said...

ok now its back to the cool but confusing layout where i cant figure out how to follow you... do you know how?

sosic420 said...

oh shit lol.
well theres a thing called "Tagboard" where its basically like a shout box and you can just comment there. honestly i have no idea where the "Follow" button is. But there is one person following. i shall ask how they did it! lol.